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Beuchat Marlin Carbone Revo Speargun -1150mm


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A Close collaboration between Beuchat International and Marc Antoine Berry has resulted in the creation of this truly Revolutionary speargun. The main objectives were power, manoeuvrability, easy loading and no recoil when shooting. In order to achieve this, every part of the Speargun was analysed, and modifyed for maximum performance! A speargun that can be used for Blue Water Hunting in the morning, and reef fishing in the afternoon!

Because of the Titanium Pulley system on the muzzle, the shaft is being “pulled” the entire length of the barrell, resulting in extreme power; with 62kg propulsion at the beginning of the thrust and a 22 kg propulsion at the end of the thrust. The initial shaft speed is 46m/s, that is over 165km/hour!!!

The Beuchat Marlin Revolution has almost no recoil, incredible for the power being exerted. This is due to the laminated teak barrell, and Carbon fibre insertåÊ through the centre of the barrell.

  • Very low recoil on firing
  • Excellent manoeuvrability for its size
  • Range of at least 5 metres from the muzzle
  • Marlin handle with reinforced stainless steel trigger mechanism and new reel bracket
  • Tapered laminated teak barrel with carbon fibre insert and rail guide.
  • Ball-bearing mounted pulleys on the muzzle with Titanium side plates for strength
  • Patented QRS locking system
  • Power rigging: 1 x 19mm power band for propulsion and 2 x 16 mm power bands for tension.
  • Dynema Wishbones
  • Rockwell spring steel 7 mm spear with runner, Shark Fin Tabs, tri-face tip and 2.5mm barb on a reinforced axle
  • Comes with Carry Bag