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a Profitable Passion: Scuba Diving Side Hustles

Not quite ready to bid farewell to your 9-to-5 routine for a full-time scuba diving career?

More and more we meet Student Instructors who are either planning to go travelling with their skills so they aren’t making beds and serving coffee while they’re in tropical beach locations and the other smart ones deciding not to buy into the huge mortgage, big car and security of a full-time job. Could you be a Scuba Diving nomad? Even if you don’t want to travel and be a Scuba Instructor training to be a highly qualified dive professional gives you the confidence and the talent to get the job you want be it part-time, casual or seasonal.

These scuba diving side hustles offer a fantastic way to merge your passion for the ocean with financial gains. Okay we aren’t going to be hitting the big dollars but life work and job satisfaction have to mean something, doesn’t it?

Whether you’re a newly certified PADI open water diver or have long been captivated by the mysteries beneath the waves, this article is your guide to transforming your scuba diving interest into a lucrative side gig. Whether you’re keen on turning your newfound hobby into a part-time hustle or looking to enrich your extensive diving experience, various avenues await for you to make money while diving, without committing to a full-time commitment.

Dive into Earning Opportunities: For divers of all levels and backgrounds, there are several avenues to explore for generating income while enjoying the underwater realm. Below, we’ve compiled an assortment of both obvious and unconventional ways to monetize your passion for diving.

1. Underwater Model: Do you possess impeccable buoyancy and air consumption skills? If so, consider taking your dive talents to the depths of underwater photoshoots. Network with scuba diving gear manufacturers and tourism boards seeking to showcase diving experiences at their destinations. Becoming an underwater model can be a unique and creatively fulfilling side hustle.

2. Show Diver: From enchanting mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida to safety divers at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, scuba divers play pivotal roles in underwater performances. Whether as main attractions or safety professionals, divers often contribute to these productions. Opportunities abound for both experienced divers and those seeking an exciting dive-related gig. One of our female graduates was already a stuntwoman and now has scuba diving instruction to add to her talents. We were called up one day by a film crew wanting a diver to act as a safety diver for an underwater music video. The videos are still in our feed.

3. Search and Recovery Diver: For those willing to dive into challenging conditions for the greater good, becoming a search and recovery diver could be a fulfilling side hustle. Law enforcement agencies frequently call on dive teams for underwater investigations. In some instances, civilian divers with scuba certifications can collaborate with these teams. Compensation varies, and this might even be a volunteer role if you’re motivated by a sense of community service.

4. Underwater Boat Hull Cleaner: With all the boats in Auckland and around New Zealand there is always work in this field, several of our ex-students have used this field to make some extra money here and there. If you find solace in cleaning tasks and don’t mind diving in low visibility conditions, a side gig as an underwater boat hull cleaner could be a suitable choice. Often requiring a scuba certification and possibly prior experience, these roles are typically found at local marinas. A simple online search will uncover numerous opportunities near you.

5. Underwater Photographer or Videographer: Talented underwater photographers and videographers with a collection of captivating aquatic images can explore monetization opportunities. Pitch your work to publications like Scuba Diving magazine or consider selling your visuals to tourism boards. Your creative skills can lead to a successful venture in the diving industry. Our own PADI Course Director is a keen and talented photographer and videographer. * Note if you are interested in either doing your PADI Underwater photography speciality or want to know more about this when you join our full-time Diploma please let us know when you first talk to us about your options.

6. Scuba Diving Professional: Divemaster or Instructor: For many, transforming their love for diving into a full-time career as a PADI Divemaster or Instructor is a dream come true. However, if you’re not prepared to leave your day job, there are part-time options available too. Dive HQ Auckland can help you chart a course to become a certified diving professional, offering opportunities in New Zealand and Australia as well.If you are interested in Part-time Professional Courses let us know or complete summer school Nov- Feb and dive all summer using your allowances and loans to complete your courses.

Dive into Your Diving Dreams: Embarking on a journey towards turning your scuba diving passion into a profitable side hustle is within your reach. Whether you’re dipping your toes into underwater modelling or exploring the depths as a certified diving professional, Dive HQ Auckland can equip you with the skills and guidance you need to succeed. Start your underwater adventure today and discover the exciting world of scuba diving side hustles.

Our next NZQA Diploma starts 12 February 2024 then August 2024.

Summer School -Nov-Feb

Please note to do any of the jobs above or to work in the NZ Dive Industry you need to have a (COC)or Code of Compliance which includes a Dive Medical. Please contact us at Dive HQ Auckland at www.divehqauckland.co.nz

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