5 films every diver should watch….

As we know, these lockdowns can be a real drag. Being stuck in your house or apartment, not being allowed to head out and explore the ocean like you normally do. Well, here at Dive HQ we have you covered here with 5 films related to diving that we feel every diver should watch at least once in their life. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and read about some of the most classic underwater movies ever made.

#5 – Sanctum

Coming in at number 5 on our list is somewhat of a diving horror story, we believe it wouldn’t be a decent list if we didn’t show off some of the worst things that could happen while diving. A tale of an expedition gone wrong, Sanctum is the story of a group of CCR divers exploring a remote cave system when things go wrong and the cave floods, leaving just one way out… Follow the water flow through the caves!!!!

#4 – Finding Nemo

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without this little gem!!! Finding Nemo is one of Pixar’s most revered and successful movies. Follow the journey of Marlin the clownfish as he tries to find his son Nemo on an epic adventure across oceans. On this journey, both Marlin and Nemo make countless friends and meet sea creatures they never thought they would. Some say this is based on a true story, I guess we will never know though.

#3 – The Silent World

This pioneering nature documentary investigates aquatic habitats in various locations around the world. It doesn’t shy away from the brutality present in the natural world, but it also paints a fascinating picture of underwater exploration. Filming in the 1950s follows Jacques-Yves Cousteau on his exploration of the underwater world. Just remember, they did things differently back then!!!

#2 – Le Grand Bleu

Follow the escapades of Jacque Mayol and Enzo Molinari as they battle it out for who will make it to 100m on a single breath. This freediving documentary/movie based on real events follows Jacque Mayols goals and love interests as he becomes the pioneer of what we now call Apnea or Freediving.

#1 – Oceans

This 2009 documentary is about the underwater world and follows the story of how we are connected to the ocean. From Mantas to Marine Iguanas and Spanish Dancers this documentary had a budget of $80 Million dollars and will not fail to inspire anyone who watches it to dive into the ocean. The nighttime scenes of territorial crustaceans are not to be missed!!!

By Chris Hailey- PADI Course Director Dive HQ Auckland.

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What would your best diving Movie be? Have we missed your favourite?

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  1. an undeniable list of excellent films to watch during this lockdown, I would like to add that there are some great YouTube channels out there to watch, in particular and of the old films from “Wild Kingdom” that show an old school era of diving and adventure!!!

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