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Are there any jobs in the dive industry?

Chris Hailey
We get asked all the time “How many jobs are there for instructors in Nz?” It’s usually a rhetorical question…meaning they already assume to know the answer….”Not much, eh?” But that’s not true. Currently, as at July 31 2021, there are 3 jobs posted in forums that I know of.

Dive Tutukaka operations manager, instructors for Epic SCUBA in Auckland and we Dive HQ Auckland, have positions posted up for retail and weekend instructors. And, we are always ready to take on excellent instructors who have a great attitude and want to share their love of the ocean and diving with others. Now we can start looking to the Islands again after Covid 19, and Lockdowns. There is also a position up for the Cook Islands which is currently only accessible to NZ residents.

Throughout the year this number fluctuates with the season. as every dive store will be busier during summer and quieter during winter. We have our own private group where there are jobs posted up and shared with previous candidates as soon as we see them or as soon as other dive centre managers/owners contact us.

If you study to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor with us then we will keep in touch and regularly check in to see how you are doing and if you are looking for work.
One of our ex Diploma Students is presently making plans to take up a position as a Scuba Instructor in Artutaki. Not too shabby for a day job, if you like sun sand and crystal clear waters.

This being said, the PADI Instructor qualifications are a lifetime ticket to working anywhere in the world (when it re opens) Having talked with the diving agencies they are seeing scuba diving bounce back around the world and we are seeing around 100 new jobs up on the PADI job board every week for instructors to work in up to 180 countries around the globe.

I say those are some pretty good odds. Let us know if you’d like to discuss this more and even chat to some of our past graduates who are working in the industry.

Our next ticket out of here …Sorry NZQA Professional Diploma in Scuba Instruction at Dive HQ Auckland, Academy of Scuba starts up in mid-August and then Feb 2022. If you’re looking for a life change, we can promise you a career that can take you as far as your imagination and will to succeed can.
And the crew at Dive HQ are here to help get you there with excellent tuition and a year filled with study, diving, field trips adventure with an awesome group of like-minded people.


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