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NZQA Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction.

Are you ready for a life-changing year of study and diving?

45 Weeks Full-Time Study- 4 days a week.


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The Diploma is a full-time course that is completed in just under a year

Fees Free and Studylink Eligible depending on your circumstances

(Monday to Thursday 9-5 pm) 

No experience is required! The Diploma takes you from an Open Water Diver to a PADI Specialty Instructor (PADI Open Water Instructor with 5 speciality instructor certifications).

PADI Openwater Diver

PADI Advanced Diver

PADI Rescue Diver

First Aid 

Then the Professional Training Starts

PADI Divemaster

PADI Instructor

PADI Speciality Instructor with 5 Specialties

boat scuba 


  • Internationally recognized PADI certification
  • All PADi Course materials
  • NZQA Student Loan approved program & Fees Free if you are eligible
  • Expert professional tuition
  • Over 100 logged training dives
  • Field trips - including accommodation and transport
  • Continued experience with on-site equipment servicing
  • On-site transport to and from dive sites
  • Lease to Own payment packages
  • Expert equipment fittings
  • Dive Buddies!

DSD PADI Divemasters


Prerequisites :

  • Self Assessment Diver Medical Certificate with your Doctor's approval
  • Min Age 17. Must be 18 years of age before starting PADI Divemaster
  • Personal equipment (mask, snorkel fins, etc. Packages available for students with payment options offered). There is a $1000 interest-free available for course-related costs and also we will lend you ours for the first few weeks.




Domestic: Please get in touch with us for the latest prices
International: Price on application

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Diploma FAQ's

Do I need to know how to dive before the course?

No. No experience is required we will take you right through your certifications starting with basic snorkel-ling lessons, skin diving, and scuba skills.

What are the hours?

Full-time courses run Monday to Thursday 9 am—5 pm. Or Tuesday- Friday 9 am-5 pm. There are some days when you will finish earlier and some night diving is required.

Part-time courses are usually held every other weekend 9 am—5 pm. There are also some evenings for night diving.

How strong of a swimmer do I need to be?

Every student must be able to swim 200m or snorkel 300m and float/tread water for 10 minutes at the start of the course. Professional level divers (Divemaster) will need to be relatively competent swimmers. 

What equipment must I have?

This depends on the course you are enrolling in. Diploma students are required to have their own full snorkelling package. This includes exposure suit, mask, snorkel, fins, weights, weight belt, gloves, boots, knife, and torches. We have packages available with supporting payment plans for students. Foundation/leadership students will only need the basic gear. Enquire instore for more information.

What are the medical criteria?

All divers in New Zealand, require an RSTC Medical Questionnaire completed and signed off by a Doctor. Professional divers must obtain an OSH medical if working in New Zealand. Aka a COC.

If I have asthma can I dive?

This depends and can only be answered by a qualified doctor.

Where do you dive?

Here in Auckland, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by marine reserves all along the Haruaki Gulf. We dive mostly around Leigh. Dive sites include; Jones Bay, Goat Is-land, and Mathesons Bay. There are also excursion trips around the North Island, which include overnight trips.

Does Dive HQ Auckland have its own boat?

We prefer to work with Dive Partners such as Dive Tutakaka, Dive Pahia, and other industry leaders around the North Island. Why? because not only do you get to experience different larger boats, but you also get to network with New Zealand  Dive Professionals and meet potential employers. The course from Divemaster onwards is your chance to show what kind of employee you would be. Many of our students who put the hard work in have job offers before they finsih.

What field trips do Dive HQ Auckland have? 

We do at least four or more dive trips in the year; which could be any of Taupo Drift Dive, Rainbow Warrior, Cape Brett, HMNZS Canterbury Wreck Dive and the Poor Knights. Transport, accommodation and boat dives are all included.

Is it easy to get a job as a dive instructor?

It's always down to the individual, however, PADI is an internationally recognized certification, allowing you the opportunity to travel with your qualifications. On the PADI website alone, there are approximately 5 –10 new jobs advertised EVERYDAY! Dive HQ Auckland also has contacts and graduates working around the globe and offers placement assistance in request after you have graduated. We will support you in all your efforts to get your dive career going. We have two dive stores in the Auckland area and are also in contact with many centres in NZ, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Or you could "Travel with Skills" Some graduates choose to head overseas for their OE. Working as they travel with opportunities Globally. Why wouldn't you?

Do you dive in winter?

Yes, our Diploma programmes run over 36 weeks, starting in February and August every year. Here at Dive HQ Auckland, you will have experienced, personalised, equipment fit-outs to ensure that you are diving in gear suitable for you and the environment you will be training in throughout the year.

How old must I be?

Diploma/Leadership students must be 18 years old before Divemaster. So you could start the course at 17 and a few months.

How do I enrol?

Simply enquire online or in-store and we can organise an interview/application process to get you signed up. Contact us in-store on 09 213 1328 or email: info@divehqauckland.co.nz or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

How much does the equipment cost?

You can apply for up to $1000 as an interest-free loan for course-related costs to go towards your equipment. When you decide to get your own equipment for the Diploma programme, we have packages starting at $1750. Once certified you will be a professional instructor and it is expected that you have your dive equipment. It is recommended that you have “hardware” (BCD and Regs) throughout the programme so that you can learn in your own equipment and have that gear to head straight into the industry once certified. Here at Dive HQ Auckland, we have payment plans to support students as they are studying.

For the Foundation/Leadership courses, base costs sit around $699. During your first week, your equipment fit-out will look at what you need specifically for your course.

Is my qualification valid worldwide?

Yes, PADI is the world's largest diver training organization and is active in over 180 countries and territories. Due to NZ diving conditions and year-round diving, divers that train with Dive HQ Auckland, gain experience that will enable them to dive and teach in almost any environment worldwide!

What other courses can I put on a student loan?

We run several other courses:

  • Certificate in Diving Foundation Level 3:

  • 14 weeks

  • Foundation
  • NZQA Diploma in Scuba Instruction Part-time:

  • every other weekend for 2 years

  • Contact Us
  • Summer School:

  • November until Feb- Idealy for those studying already

  • Summer School


Terms and Conditions:

We collect personal information from you, including information about your:

  • name
  • contact information

 We collect your personal information to:

  • Send students information on our courses

Providing some information is optional. If you choose not to enter contact details, we'll be unable to send them course information.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information or to have it corrected, please contact us at info@divehqauckland.co.nz, 092131328, or 50 Frost Road, Mount Roskill Auckland 1041.


Study with us at Dive HQ Auckland!




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Internationally Recognised Certification:

PADI is the world’s largest training agency, with employment opportunities in over 180 countries!

Student Loan Approved:

The Diploma and National Certificate programmes are approved for student loans and allowances! You may also receive fees-free funding of $12,000

Expert Professional Tuition:

We pride ourselves in providing instructors who are passionate, enthusiastic AND experienced PADI dive professionals!

Over 100 Logged Training Dives:

Log a minimum of 100 Scuba Dives throughout your programme, in a variety of diving environments! We also lend you tanks and free air at the weekends.

Dive Trips:

Experience more! We travel to over a variety of dive sites which may include; The HMNZ Canterbury, HMNZ Waikato, Rainbow Warrior, and the Waikato River drift dive. All accommodation and transfers are included! 

Continued Experience:

Here at Dive HQ Auckland, we are an established dive centre, where we work with the students to develop their skills and training. Dive HQ is the largest scuba retail group in NZ and is a well known and respected brand.


We provide on site transfers to and from dive sites and dive locations!

Lease to Own Packages:

We offer a diverse range of scuba package options including Lease to Own payment plans to get you into your own gear faster!

Professional Equipment Fittings:

We offer expert equipment fit outs with personalised opportunities to find gear that works for you!

Dive Buddies:

With divers from all over Auckland and an active dive club, there is always someone to go diving with. Make friends with like minded, passionate divers!