Self Reliant Training

Are you ready to go diving on your own? Do you lack diving buddies on weekends and are keen to get out and explore the underwater world? Are you a Photographer or Videographer that lacks the confidence and training to go out and get them Nat Geo shots without a buddy?

If this sounds like you then the PADI Self Reliant Diver Program could be for you!

First of all, this course is not for everyone!!! This course is a high level training program designed for only the elite level divers with 100+ SCUBA Dives under their belt and already good diving skills.

If you are still reading then lets get this course under way, over 3 days you will learn new gas management procedures, Advanced dive Planning, Advanced problem solving abilities and Increased situational awareness.

To enrol in the program you will need to have 100+ dives and be at minimum an Advanced Diver certified with any agency. As part of the course you will do a theory evening and then 2 days of skills practice in open water where you will learn how to handle different diving configurations and gas planning considerations as well as deal with all types of emergencies on the fly.

Courses start at $499 and include training/certification. You will need a number of specialised items for self reliant diving which we will talk you through on the first day of training. We have all items to rent but encourage you to buy them as you will need them to solo dive after certification!