PADI Freediver Training

The PADI Freediver Course is the first level in breath hold/Apnea diving. During this course you will learn how to breath hold diving and have the freedom of enjoying the underwater world without the heavy equipment of SCUBA diving.

The PADI Freediver course is broken down into 3 sections

  • Knowledge Deveopment / eLearning
  • Pool Training
  • Open Water Training

During these 3 sections you will first learn the theory behind breath hold diving, techniques and safety procedures we use as Freedivers. You will then do the 2 practical days of training where we take you through the different disciplines of Freediving as you learn to push your limits while staying comfortable.

This course is great for everyone from people who have only ever snorkelled to experienced spearos looking to increase their breath hold times and learn new techniques to help them out when they are applying these principles to their hunting activities.

The Course runs over 2 evening sessions and then one day out in Open Water. We start courses every few weeks so get in touch and let us know that you are ready to begin your freediving journey. 

PADI Freediver courses cost $499 which includes materials, training and certification. We also have a large stock of Freediving equipment to choose from and have rental gear if you want to try the sport before you buy the gear. 

After certification as a PADI Freediver you will have the option to join us on our club days which are usually once a week doing Pool or Open Water sessions to improve your comfotablility and push your limits gradually. These club days are run at a cost price of pool entry or if you have all of your own gear then its free for the open water sessions. 

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