Sidemount Diving Course

The PADI Sidemount Diver Course is designed for those divers who are keen to continue their journey with more than a single cylinder. The course is a great stepping stone for those who are interested in becoming PADI Self Reliant divers or transitionoing to PADI Tec Rec training. 

During the program you will learn skills and procedures that will not only help you complete the course but youll be able to take with you on all dives you do there after. The gas management, self rescue and problem solving techniques you will learn on the PADI Sidemount Diver course are great skills for any Advanced Diver and you will likely want to dive the sidemount configuration on all of your diving adventures after certification.

The course takes place over 3.5 days where you will learn what it takes to fully set up your equipment for sidemount diving, complete 1 confined water session and complete 3 open water divers over 2 days.

To take part in the PADI Sidemount Diver Course you will need a full set of Sidemount Equipment which we can help you choose based on price and suitability for sidemount diving, price and future proofing incase you want to extend your limits later on. We have all the options!!!

Benefits of diving sidemount

  • Sharpen your skills as a diver
  • Increased gas for longer dives
  • Suitability for overhead environment Diving in Wrecks or Caves
  • Suitability for Technical Diving
  • Ease of equipment transportation
  • Stepping stone to more advanced types of diving

Sidemount Courses start at $599 which includes materials, training and certification. We also have Sidemount equipment to try out or rent for the course.