First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses

Medic First Aid - Workplace

This course is designed to help you gain, or maintain the core knowledge of, skills and confidence necessary to provide effective emergency care until professional emergency care is available and to prevent these injuries or deaths by focusing on safe practices both at work and at home.

Medic First Aid Pack, consisting of Visual skill guide and student handbook. Training on site at Dive HQ – Westhaven.

Full amount to be paid in full to secure place. Read and sign disclosure form. EFR Pocket Mask.
Cost: $200 – When doing only Medic First Aid. $150 – When doing Medic First Aid in conjunction with Rescue Course.

Certificate in Medic First Aid Career Instruction - NZQA – Level 4

The Academy of diving trust, through Emergency Medical Planning (NZ) Ltd, is the major NZ tertiary provider of Medic First Aid International Inc which is one of the largest first aid trainers in the world.
The unique Medic First Aid Career Instructor Certificate allows graduates to offer first aid instruction and certification immediately after graduation.

OSH and New Zealand Resuscitation Council approved first aid certification and unit standards to pre hospital emergency level are offered.

The Academy of diving trust and Emergency Medical Planning (NZ) Ltd are members of PECANZ – Professional Emergency Care Assn of NZ.

For further information on this course, including pricing please contact us.

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