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What is Freediving and 5 reasons to do it?

What is Freediving or Apnea Training?

You’ve probably heard about spearfishing right? When a diver holds their breath to swim under the water to hunt. Well, freediving is the more relaxed/training focus of spearfishing.

During a freediving course, you’ll learn everything you need to conduct breath-hold dives safely and then start to push your limits of what you thought was possible.

We won’t be going for any depth world records but you will have a chance to see what your body can do and experience a lot of things you didn’t know you had inside you.

So let’s get to the point of the blog… 5 reasons to freedive

Our PADI Course Director Chris Hailey

1 – The Challenge

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will be a great experience, learning to hold your breath for longer than you thought possible by tapping into your body’s raw ability… Challenging ourselves is in our genes as humans and this part may lead to competition freediving and challenging yourself for personal bests.

2 – The relaxation

You can’t hold your breath for long if you don’t learn to let go and relax. During the training, you’ll start to tap into that inner self and relax your entire body. After the sessions, you’ll feel great.

3 – Learning new skills will transfer into everyday life

Pushing yourself and learning new skills will always transfer into your everyday life, freediving builds confidence and fosters a sense of well-being.

4 – Mental health

In this day and age life is pretty taxing to our mental health so getting out into the ocean and embracing nature can only be a good thing. To get exercise and meet new people is a great way to spend evenings, weekends and holidays. The only thing we feel comes even close to freediving for helping with mental health is SCUBA diving 😉

5 – Hunting

In some places around the world, this is the standard and you cannot hunt on scuba gear if you are an avid traveller and hunter probably best to learn how to become the best breath-hold diver you can be. Even in NZ, there are areas you can only collect seafood via breath-hold.

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