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Mares 82x Epic Adj Regulator


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The 82x First stage and Epic adj regulator set is perfect for all your diving needs and offers incredible comfort and performance at a great price with Certified Performance down to 200m

Both the 82x first stage and Epic Adj 2nd Stage have been forged in brass have been treated with a Physical Vapor Deposition which offers unbeatable scratch and corrosion resistance, protecting your regulator and ensuring long-lasting performance. It Features a balanced diaphragm membrane design to ensure advanced a reliable performance at depth. It features a swivel turret with five low-pressure ports 4- radial and 1 vertical. to meet all your diving needs. it has 2 pre oriented High-Pressure ports angles opposite to each other allowing divers to run both an SPG and Computer transmitter. It is also equipped with Mares Auto Sealing Technology which protects against water from entering the regulator.

The Epic Second Stage Features a metal body for unbeatable cold water diving, it is balanced, using the Pneumatically assisted design to deliver easy and comfortable breathing in every situation. You can also Adjust the cracking effort to offer the best performance and ease of breathing under all condition and any depth. The twin Power system allows for the normal flow of air and assisted breathing. The ultra features a large and easy to us pivoting purge button and a super flex hose for your diving comfort.